Friday, July 4, 2008

6 Months On...

Hi all; Happy Fourth! Sorry for the lack of updates since the big day; setting up a new home can be quite the task (especially when you have work, school, and everything else)! Anyway, we hope everyone who came to our wedding had a great time. Honeymooning in Europe was quite the adventure; we'll probably be posting some of the pics/video from our trip soon. We thought you all might enjoy a couple of highlights from the reception: first up are the two videos our DJ (TLC Entertainment) put together for us; second are a bunch of the "zapshots" taken during the cocktail hour and dinner, also handled by our DJ (note: the pictures have been severely reduced in size in order to be put on the web; if anyone wants the high-res versions just let us know). We should be posting more content shortly; we hope to hear from you all soon!

Our Love Story Vid:

David P. Imparato (1944-2002):


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