Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Little Engine that Could

(Mary Clare Writing) Yesterday we saw our ob. We're in the 15th week, so we were hoping for a good picture to post and Dan was even hoping to find out if it's a boy... However, we've been spoiled so far in getting sonograms every time and our doc thought it was fine just to try to listen to the heartbeat. At first it seemed hard to locate, but our doctor said he could hear the baby swishing around. Then we heard our little choo-choo train. If you've ever heard a fetal heartbeat, you know what I mean. We listened and I kept thinking, "Go, Baby Go!" Our doctor said it was 152 beats per minute. I later informed Dan that such a fast heartbeat indicates that it's a girl. Of course, I know this is an old wives tale and our doctor said as much, but just to be sure that there is no truth to it, I went to that source of all knowledge, the Internet. So, it turns out that there's absolutely no correlation between gender and heart rate, but there is a correlation between fetal age and heart rate (it slows gradually after 9 weeks). Oh well, I guess we'll have to wait another 5 weeks until we have our high-powered sonogram to find out for sure. How did people ever wait 9 MONTHS??

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