Sunday, January 4, 2009

Remembering Baby Joseph

(Mary Clare Writing) The first year of marriage brought joys and sorrows. At the start of August we were overjoyed to learn that we had a little one on the way. Dan was sure it was a boy and we were thinking of naming him Joseph David. Sadly, we lost him at nine weeks, though he probably went home at about 7. We had tests done and found out that there was a chromosomal issue, but Dan was right, it was a boy.
October is Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month and we did a walk on Oct. 4th in Eisenhower Park. The people there had been through so much more than us, but they were very positive. It was a good experience for us.
These are my favorite ornaments on our tree. One of St. Joseph given to us by my mom. And two little angel boys that we inherited from Dan's mom since she no longer puts up a big tree. One is reading a book and the other is with a candy cane. Those are two things I definitely think me and Dan's baby would be doing in heaven ;)

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