Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thank Yous, Thank Yous, Thank Yous!

(Mary Clare Writing) Perhaps you're reading this blog because you just got a thank you card from us. Well, thanks so much and welcome back. It happens to be our anniversary on Jan. 5th. We've put together a "year in review" of our first year together, so you can see what we've been up to.
We're psyched that the thank yous are finally done and so sorry about the delay. Partly it's because of our photographer, whom we DO NOT recommend. It's the reason you haven't seen any video or album...we don't have them yet. We didn't like the first design for the thank yous, so we asked them to redo it, which took a month and us calling them. By the time we finally got them, it was the end of the summer, school was starting and too much was happening.

If you haven't seen the tons of photos our DJs took at the reception, just click on the older posts. Dan put most of them up in July, along with the videos that were shown at the reception.
Also, you can see the pics from our photographer if you go to
Username: Cardinale0 [that's a zero] Password: 17646

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