Monday, November 12, 2007

Bridal Shower Bonanza!

(Mary Clare Writing) I want to thank everyone so much for coming yesterday and for the unbelievable generosity; Dan and I are truly blessed to have such kind people in our lives. I was totally blown away by how much love and care everyone put into my shower. I didn't realize my mom and Regina and Aunt Lu and Dan and Kelly and Vivian, etc did so much sneaking around!!

It was at Vesuvio in Whitestone. The food was good, and since I'm a big dessert fan, I especially noticed that the tiramisu as well as the occasion cake from Cascon were excellent. The ice cream scoop favor was appropriate since I'm an ice cream fiend ;) By the way, if you forgot yours at the party, let my mom or Adele know.

The guess how many Hershey kisses are in the jar game (titled "How Many Kisses Does Dan Give Mary Clare?") ended in a tie. 555 was the number my mom chose to symbolize the wedding date (Jan. 5). Guests also enjoyed an intense game of "Bridal Bingo" and the nine prizes were won before I was done opening all the gifts. As the pictures will attest, the mountain of gifts was immense. The opening process, I hope, wasn't too painful for the guests, as I was repeatedly and urgently ushered along by Regina. Dan and I are starting from scratch, so everything is greatly appreciated...and needed.

By the way, a special shout out to my Maid of Honor, my sixteen-year-old sister, Regina, who I'm so proud of. She handled this huge task with poise and grace beyond her years. She worked so hard preparing tons of little details, and even though she kept telling me she was too shy to do it, she gave a great toast. She was so wound up, she hardly had a chance to relax during the shower, and last night she was worrying to my mom that it didn't go well. If you see her, tell her it was great! I think she was just's 1:45 pm and she just came downstairs now! Well, that's one more hurdle cleared on the way to the big day. 54 DAYS to go. Hey Gina, now it's my turn to stress big time!

Here are some pics from the special day:

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Kathryn said...

I had a lot of fun at the shower, that cake was soooooooooooooooo good. I hope Jen Miller was able to figure out how to comment on this after all. lol I'll give you a ring in a few days.

-Kat (it's gonna show up as saying "Kathryn" again)