Saturday, November 3, 2007


Yes it is true; after hours of agony the invitations have been finally sent out! We'd like to thank our crack team, consisting of Mary Clare's sister (and maid-of-honor) Regina, her friend (and bridesmaid) Kelly, her brother (and groomsman) John, & our own little General Eisenhower, Mary Clare's mom Marianne (who took time out from her many domestic duties to help run the whole operation), for helping us to get all of them done as quickly as possible.

All-in-all the entire process of picking out, ordering, and putting together the invitations was one of the "least fun" (so to speak) of the entire wedding planning project, but in the end we think they all came out pretty nicely. Anyway, we hope that all of you who find yourselves among the elect enjoy them ...and send in those reply cards fast!!!


Anonymous said...

This is a really great idea to have a blog devoted to the event. I'll definitely check for updates!

QP said...

Hi Marigold and Dan,

I just received the invitation in the mail. It looks beautiful!

Can't wait!

Amy Keel